9. International compatibility

    Anyone involved with imported or exported products should be aware of the international compatibility of product numbers and barcodes.

    GS1 Australia and the numbering and barcoding system it administers are part of the EAN
    UCC sytem used by more than 60 countries. The United States and Canada operate also under the EANUCC sytem.

    Products barcoded under the EAN
    UCC sytem can be recognised by all scanning equipment. However, some scanning equipment in the US and Canada cannot recognise EAN barcodes. Full compatibility is expected to be achieved in the near future.

    Meanwhile, manufacturers exporting to North America should contact their distributor to make certain whether EAN barcodes are acceptable. Companies needing to barcode products with UPC barcodes should contact GS1Australia for advice.

10. The right size
    The size of the barcode may only vary within certain limits. The barcode must be between 80 per cent and 200 per cent of the standard or "nominal" barcode size, as shown. Barcodes should not be printed outside these limits as it can reduce their ability to be scanned.

EAN 13, 200 %

EAN 13, 100 %

EAN 13, 80 %

EAN 8, 200 %

EAN 8, 100 %

EAN 8, 80 %