6. Light margin

    To enable the scanner to recognise the beginning and end of the barcode, there must be a clear light area before the first bar and after the last bar (this light area can be the same colour as the background of the barcode). This is known as the "light margin" or "quiet margin". The area of the light margin varies depending on the size of the barcode.

7. Location of the barcode ?

    The ease with which a checkout operator can scan items depends in part on the location of barcodes on products.

    The barcode should be positioned according to the location guidelines in the GS1 Australia User Guide and Technical Information Manual. Although these are only guidelines, they should be followed.

8. Other considerations

    Deleted numbers should not be reused for a period of three years from the date that the last item carrying that number was issued.

    Additional manufacturer numbers may be requested from GS1 Australia.

    EAN-8 numbers - products with very small label areas may carry a short number made up of 8 rather than 13 digits, known as an EAN-8 number.

    A request for an EAN-8 number should only be made after every effort has been made to fit a 13 digit number onto the product. Consider whether a 13 digit barcode could be used by:

      a. Reducing the barcode in magnification (in consultation with the printer)
      b. Redesigning or enlarging the label.

    When applying to GS1 Australia for EAN-8 numbers you should provide:

      a. A sample of the product label, actual size artwork or a label identical in size to the one you intend to use
      b. A complete list of every product requiring an EAN-8 number.