3. What is a Digital Barcode Master™?
    A Digital Barcode Master™ is a digital file of the bar code. It is required by the printer to incorporate into the printing plate before the barcode can be printed. Tennyson Graphics will generate into a barcode format the numbers issued by the manufacturer and can also calculate the check digit.

    The Digital Barcode Master™ can be ordered either by the manufacturer or the printer.

4. What size barcode?
    The size of the bar code (known as "magnification") can vary within certain limits.

    The size of the barcode to be used should be determined by the printer after carrying out tests using the printability gauges available on request from GS1 Australia (instructions on the use are given in the GS1 Australia User Guide and Technical Information Manual). The test results will establish the minimum size barcode which can be printed on the product.

    The artwork designer must work closely with the printer to allow sufficient space for the bar code in the packaging design. The designer cannot decide on the area required for barcode without consulting the printer first.

    The height of the bar code should be proportional to the width. The height of the barcode for that paricular size should not be reduced.