Barcodes are an important part of everyday life.

    Every grocery store item carries one, every book and magazine has one. Barcodes are used to identify just about everything that is bought, sold, delivered or stored.

    The secret behind a succesful printed barcode is the incredibly accurate Digital Barcode Master™.

    There is no room for error - it has to be perfect.

    That is why Tennyson Graphics® has excelled in this area.

    Tennyson Graphics®' customers also know they have a service that excels in speed. Our records show that 98% of all orders are produced within 4 hours of being received. From there we send the orders by email. It is this service, that has helped made Tennyson Graphics® the leading barcode master supplier in Australia.

    Tennyson Graphics® offer many unique advantages. For example, we have kept every film master and Digital Barcode Master™ we' have produced on record. That means we can offer customers an unrivalled guarantee that used numbers can't be duplicated.

    Today, we are continuing to look at ways to make our service even more accurate, faster and economical. It's this innovative approach, along with our advanced equipment, that keeps our service and our customers a step ahead.